Designed to Compete

Build to Compete designs for web, print media, outdoor and indoor displays, events, trade shows, and trade show booths.  Ideas and designs can be rendered in 3D, to get a better idea of how your event or production will look to scale.  Saving your time and money.

At Build to Compete we have award winning designers with the knowledge and capabilities that make designs pleasing to the eye and have a welcoming value to the audience.  Creating an image that speaks for itself is a key ingredient to developing successful creatives for you.

We allow for a reasonable amount of revisions with each design to get the creatives exactly right for you. Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with the work and pricing at the end of the project.

San Diego zoo

Courtesy of Lance Nakamura

Our design doesn’t stop there.  We can transcreate in the a majority of Spanish dialects and Mandarin Chinese.   In addition to translation for these languages, we also adjust the copy to conform to the audience.  If you have a specific language in mind, contact us and we’ll work with you.




5 Graphis Annual Awards 2012 / American Market

29 Davey Awards

29 Davey Awards

Courtesy of The Ant Society
Courtesy of The Ant Society
Courtesy of The Ant Society

We will document all assets and changes during the project using Microsoft OneNote and it will always be accessible to the client.  Too many times, we have been called to rescue a website from a disgruntled employee, developer or hosting company. Using OneNote will ensure that the client will always have the latest user name, passwords, project status, custom changes, server information, and account information used in the project.

Built to Function

Build to Compete is not just about good design and award winning artists, but about how it converts for your customers.  There is no point of having a great design if it does not solve a problem or create revenue for the client.

What is the goal of the website?

  • To provide information?
  • Collect user experience data?
  • Make a purchase?
  • Promote an event?
  • Manage user traffic?
  • SEO or SEM marketing?

No matter what the goal is, we build the site to compete within your industry.

A website is not an asset that should be left sitting there after it’s creation.  It must be maintained and updated continuously.  Whether we are maintaining it or through the effort of the client, we believe that the client must be given the tools to maintain the website in house.   WordPress is our software of choice, and is known throughout the developer community as being well documented, stable, extremely flexible and reliable.

Noted high traffic websites using WordPress

Competitive Experience

Build to Compete is complimented with its experience.  We have award winning designers, talented developers and dedicated business managers.  The team has individually worked for various high profile marketing agencies, clients and high traffic websites.  From Verizon Wireless to small start ups, our team knows how to manage and will understand your needs.

We take pride in our multicultural marketing experience.  Multicultural marketing is a growing segment of the marketing industry and it takes a seasoned approach to do it right.  Having the right background to leverage your brand and service to the right segment of the population is crucial in getting the most from your advertising dollar.

We know that budgets are tight and using a large net approach is sometimes not the way to go.  We can guide you in the right direction because of our years of experience.  Whether its SEO, SEM, print media, large events, outdoor media, radio and TV production, we have done it all and can navigate through the challenges.